• Yellow colour soil is good for business class.
  • Rocky, non cultivable land is not good.
  • Plots/buildings sold by rich people for reasons other then misfortune & poverty is good.  Sale by
    distressed, unfortunate people should be avoided.
  • Rectangular plot with long north to south is better then long east to west.
  • Wider front gate & narrow end is not good. Narrow front with wide back is good.
  • A small sized plot between two bigger plots is not good.
  • Reject any site with well towards North or East.
  • If your plot is not rectangular see that at least South East and South West Corners have a 90
      degrees angle.
  • Except in North East, if your land is elongated towards any other side it is not good.
  • Never buy a plot which is cut on the North East corner.
  • If North East corner of the plot is extended it is very good.
  • The plots should not be in the neighbourhood of any religious place, public places, like marriage
      halls, hospitals, courts, factories and burial or cremation grounds.
  • The South or West of the plot must be higher than North and East.  If it is not, you should be able
      to make it so by filling and putting more earth on the same.  If it is not possible you should not buy the plot.
  • If you are making an underground tank for water storage in your house, locate it in the North
      Eastern corner of your house.  Muncipal water supply should also start from North East direction of the house.
  • Sourthern side road is not considered to be very good.
  • Northern side road is good.
  • A road on the Western side is reasonable.
  • Roads surrounding plots :-
      A square plot surrounded by roads on all four sides is excellent. Buy it even at a higher cost.If a road ends in your house from the North Eastern corner it is considered very good. Roads on South is not good (can be good in some cases).Road on North or east is good.  Roads in East and North is good.Road on West is ok, Roads in north and west is ok.
  • Land surrounded by roads on 3 sides
      Roads on East, West & North – not good, also roads on North, West & South is not good. A road ending in the house is very bad. Never buy a plot in which road comes like a dagger provided it is not coming from North East directorion. There should not be anything blocking your main gate (like electric and telephone pole or a tree or some other pillar), it is very bad.
  • A stream of filthy water in front of your house, factory or office is a clear loss of wealth.  Even
      stationary dirty water is bad
  • Do not use any material from an old building in a new building. 
  • Circular, oval, triangular plots are not good.
  • Gate of the plot on the North, North East or the East is very good.

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